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Cult Movie Essentials: Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)

Directed by Terry Marcel, Prisoners of the Lost Universe starred Richard Hatch, Kay Lenz, John Saxon, Peter O’Farrell, Ray Charleson, Kenneth Hendel, Philip Van der Byl, Dawn Abraham, Ron Smerczac, Charles Comyn, Ian Steadman, Bill Flynn, Danie Voges, and Myles Robertson.

The plot follows TV interviewer Carrie Madison (Lenz) who is on assignment to interview a mad scientist named Dr. Hartmann (Hendel). Hartmann claims to have invented a device which can teleport you to another dimension.

On her way to the interview Carrie gets into a car accident with electrician Dan Roebuck (Hatch). The accident was the result of earthquake tremors and the two argue.

Later whilst demonstrating his machine to Carrie, Hartmann disappears. Dan comes to the house looking for help; while he and Carrie examine the machine they, too, disappear!

Upon reappearing, Carrie finds herself alone in a prehistoric world in a parallel universe, called Vonya, where time runs differently. She is unable to find Hartmann but does find Dan. They try to figure out a way to get back home.

As if matters could not get any worse they have to deal with a brutal warlord named Kleel (Saxon) who has decided he wants Carrie. Kleel has a tribe of savage cavemen who carry out his bidding. Carrie and Dan must escape them, find Hartmann, and get back home as well as understand how Kleel is well-supplied with Earth technology…

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