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Paula Malcomson

Born on 1st June 1970 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paula Malcomson has become a prolific character actor who manages to steal the show no matter the size of her role be it the big screen or small screen!

Her first on screen appearence was as a bartender in Michael Almereyda’s Another Girl Another Planet in 1992, the following year she played Allie Earp opposite Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp in Tombstone. Further roles followed in Dunston Checks In, Trance, Profiler, The Green Mile,  Hamlet, The Practice, Enterprise, N.Y.P.D. Blue, Six Feet Under, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

In 2004, Malcomson was cast as Trixie in Deadwood and would continue to play that role for the duration of the show and its following movie. She would also be cast in the recurring roles of Colleen Pickett in LOST, Meg Riley in ER, and Jerri in John from Cincinnati. As well as guest roles in Cold Case, The Death Strip, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and The Violinist.

In 2009, Malcomson was cast as Amanda Graystone in Caprica, she was then cast as Madeline Jackson in The Event, before appearing in a number of episodes of Sons of Anarchy as Maureen Ashby.

A guest run on the small screen included appearances in Lie To Me, Private Practice, Archer, Fringe, Prime Suspect USA, and Law & Order: LA before appearing back on the big screen playing the role of Katniss’ Mother in The Hunger Games movie series.

More recent roles have included Roz Demichelis in Broken, Abby Donovan in Ray Donovan, Marie Farrell in Come Home, Charys-El in Krypton, and Renee in the Watchmen episode “Little Fear of Lightning.” We look forward to where ever she may turn up next.








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