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Review- Doctor Who Season 12 Ep. 2: Spyfall (Part 2)

After the muted episode one my expectations for part 2, and second episode of the series, were low.

How wrong I was.

Spyfall Part 2 was an entertaining ride through time. Even the familiarity of the Master making the Doctor’s companions’ public enemy number one, see the Tennant era episode The Sound of Drums, didn’t spoil my enjoyment. In fact it was the call backs to previous episodes, such as the Master’s fondness of shirking people, were integrated into the story in such a way that only the most committed of Whovians would notice.

We were given only a glimpse of his version of the Master in the previous episode, but here Sacha Dhawan let rip. His Joker like version is genuinely sinister, no more so when he is dressed as a Nazi in occupied Paris; the explanation of a perception filter blindsiding the trolls as they ran to their keyboards.

Strong support throughout by the companions, with Mandip Gill’s really given a chance to shine. Her desperation when trying to explain the situation to her family seemed so real.
Then there was the Doctor’s trip to Gallifrey and the resurrection of the Timeless Child story arc also bring hope that the series will continue in the same vein of quality as this episode.

A shot in the arm after last week’s tap on the shoulder.

Verdict out of 10: 9

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