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Cult Cartoon Essentials: The Herculoids

Somewhere out in space live The Herculoids! Zok, the laser-ray dragon! Igoo, the giant rock ape! Tundro, the tremendous! Gloop and Gleep, the formless, fearless wonders! With Zandor, their leader, and his wife, Tara, and son, Dorno, they team up to protect their planet from sinister invaders! All-strong! All-brave! All-heroes! They’re The Herculoids!

Created and designed by Alex Toth and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, The Herculoids span out of the Space Ghost episode “The Molten Monsters of Moltar” and lived on a distant planet named Amzot (which was later renamed Quasar in Space Stars). The show debuted in September 1967 and ran until January 1968 (18 episodes /36 segments). Eleven new episodes were produced in 1981 as part of the Space Stars show.

The leader of The Herculoids was Zandor (voiced by Mike Road), he had a wife named Tara (voiced by Virginia Gregg) and a son named Dorno (voiced originally by Ted Eccles and then in 1981 by Sparky Marcus). They were joined by a flying space dragon named Zok (voiced by Mike Road), a rock ape named Igoo (voiced by Mike Road), a ten legged, four horned rhino called Tundro (voiced by Mike Road), and two protoplasmic creatures named Gloop and Gleep (voiced by Don Messick).

Through the series The Herculoids battle space pirates, poisonous gas, robots, beaked people, Android people, spiders, Bubblemen, the High Priest of Trax, Raider Apes, Electrode Men and a whole host of other creatures!

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