Preview- Dirty Pair (Complete Blu-ray Box Limited Edition)

Dirty Pair celebrates their 40th anniversary with a Blu-ray Box. The box is completed with TV series, theatrical movie, and OVA series (incl. FLASH). 2K scanned from the master positive film, removing any dust, scratches and any other blemishes.

Limited Edition comes with a slipcase box newly illustrated by Tsukasa Dokite and Takahiro Kimura. Contents includes all 24 TV episodes, original video series No. 1 “Lovely Angel Yori Ai Wo Komete” episode 2, “Dirty Pair” no Daishobu, “Dirty Pair” theatrical edition, original video series No.2 episode 10, “Dirty Pair” Boryaku no 005 Bin”, “Dirty Pair FLASH” 6 episodes, “Dirty Pair FLASH 2” 5 episodes, “Dirty Pair FLASH 3” 5 episodes.

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