Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Digby – The Biggest Dog in the World (1973)

Directed by Joseph McGrath, and based on the novel by Ted Key, Digby – The Biggest Dog in the World follows Digby, an Old English Sheepdog accidentally drinks a bowl of Project X (a liquid growth experimental fertilizer) and expands to gigantic proportions.

Two criminals spot Digby and decide that he can make them rich so they steal Digby and sell him to a circus but Digby later escapes and roams across the countryside of the United Kingdom. Then whilst searching for Digby, the boy who owns Digby, as well as the scientist who worked on the growth formula, both realise that Digby is still growing and will cause enormous damage unless something is done immediately.

Later, the scientist finds out he has created a chemical that might reverse the growth formula but in the meantime the British military have decided to solve the problem of Digby by using weapons and bombs!

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