Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: One-Eyed Monster (2008)

Directed by Adam Fields, One-Eyed Monster was a science fiction/horror/comedy with a difference. The film opens on a secluded snowy mountain where a film crew arrive to make an adult movie. The group includes veteran actors (basically playing themselves) Ron (Ron Jeremy) and Veronica (Veronica Hart), as well as novice porn stars Rock (John Edward Lee), Angel (Carmen Hart), Wanda (Jenny Guy), and Lance (Bart Fletcher), as well as the director and producer Jim (Jeff Denton), cameraman Jonah (Jason Graham), gaffer-electrician and sound guy T.J. (Caleb Mayo), and makeup and script girl Laura (Amber Benson).

As the group settle in radio reports notify the group of a “strange light” in the sky that has been hovering over the mountains for the last several hours. Later, during a break in filming, Jonah goes outside to get some more lights from the truck while Ron also goes out to relieve himself. Suddenly, a strange light hits Ron, who then collapses to the ground. Jonah helps him up and they go back inside to finish filming the scene.

During the filming of a scene Ron hurts Victoria who begins screaming. as the group try to get Ron off of Veronica he begins convulsing and collapses and dies on the floor. The group then notice that Ron’s legendary manhood is missing!

Angel is practicing her scene in another room when Ron’s disembodied manhood attacks her; Wanda witnesses it and runs to get help from the others but by the time they get back Angel is dead and Ron’s disembodied manhood has vanished. Who will be next?

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