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Cult Movie Essentials: Mars Men (1976)

Directed by Hung Min Chen, Mars Men (aka Huo xing ren) is a bizarre sci-fi movie whose creation is almost as weird as the film itself!

In April 1974 Thai Burin Films (a subsidiary of Productions Chaiyo) and the Japanese company Tsuburaya Productions released the movie Giant and Jumbo A in Thailand only. The film featured the Japanese tv superhero Jumborg Ace. Then in 1976 the footage was taken by a Taiwanese production company, and completely reworked (law suits would follow). All that was left was 32 minutes of fight scenes between monsters, heroes and giants along with a brand new plot and new actors. An additional 50 minutes of footage was then filmed and edited together with the above to make the final product!

What we are left is an Ultraman like plot where Martians issue an ultimatum to the earthlings, whilst a young kid accidentally finds an ancient stone statuette buried in a cave that helps transform him into a giant superhero that can defat the Martians!

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