Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Super Gran

In January 1985 a new superhero bounced onto British TV with a theme tune sung by Billy Connolly; based on the books by Forrest Wilson, Super Gran would go onto to run for two seasons (27 episodes). The series followed Gudrun Ure as Granny Smith, an elderly grandmother who is accidently hit by a magic ray whilst watching her grandson Willy play football in Chisleton Park. It turns out the ray was created by Inventor Black (Bill Shine). Upon discovering the ray gave her superpowers she becomes Super Gran and defends the fictional town of Chiselton from the evil Roderick Scunner Campbell (Iain Cuthbertson) and his gang, The Muscles (Alan Snell and Brian Lewis) and Tub (Lee Marshall in Season 1, Jason Carrielies in Season 2).

To help her in her adventures, Super Gran relied on her grandson Willard (Iam Towell in Season 1, Michael Graham in Season 2) and Inventor Black’s assistant Edison (Holly English in Season 1, Samantha Duffy in Season 2). Throughout the series a number of guest stars appeared including George Best, Geoff Capes, Gary Glitter, Spike Milligan, Eric Bristow, Bernard Cribbins, Willie Thorne, Barbara Windsor, Patrick Troughton, and Lulu.



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