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Nadja Regin

Nadja Regin – From Serbia With Love

Nadja Regin appeared in two Bond films, From Russia With Love as the lonely girlfriend of MI6 station boss Ali Kerim Bey and as Bonita the dancer who sets a Honey-trap for Bond in the pre-credits sequence of Goldfinger.  In later years she would reflect on the roles;  “To be honest, in the beginning I was very embarrassed, because they were such tiny little roles, but once The Queen had a tiny role as a Bond girl (in Danny Boyle’s film for the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony), I thought, well, if it’s good enough for Her Majesty I shouldn’t be so embarrassed.”

Born Nadezda Poderegin on 2nd December 1931 in Serbia, she studied philosophy and dramatic arts in Belgrade.  Her acting career started during those student years and continued through Yugoslav and German films to the UK where she was more well known in several British films and television dramas such as The Saint and Dixon of Dock Green in the 1960’s. In 1964 she appeared in the New Zealand film Runaway.

During the 70’s she stepped away from the spotlight to be behind it working in production and script selection.  In 1980 she formed Honeyglen Publishing with her sister, Jelena, and they specialised in philosophy of history, biography and fiction.

In her later years she devoted time to writing a novel, The Victims and the Fools. She also wrote Children’s fiction and worked on her memoirs, titled Recollections.

She died on April 8th 2019 aged 87.

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