Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Galaxy Boy Troop

Created by Osamu Tezuka, Galaxy Boy Troop (aka Le Commando De La Voie Lactéewas) was a children’s TV series that combined marionettes with traditional animation. It ran for two seasons from April 7th 1963 to April 1st 1965, for a total of 92 episodes. It was very popular in its time but sadly, although running for 92 episodes, only one full episode is known to survive today. This episode was found in France with French subtitles. It was renamed here Le Commando de la Voie Lactée (“Commando of the Milky Way”). Research seems to indicate that this episode is the 67th episode of the series. Episode 28 and animation sequences from Episode 87 also exist, but there is no audio for either.

At the beginning of the series, aliens have begun bombing earth from their base on the dark side of the Moon. A group of heroes led by Commander Rop & Mister 6 (his intelligent computer car) have embarked for the moon, using the last surviving spacecraft, on a mission to find and destroy the lunar base. In a bid to find a material that can restart Earth’s dying Sun, the Galaxy Boy Troop, led by a boy named Rob, travels across the galaxy searching. Along their travels they help fights off an alien invasion of Earth, meet the elegant Amia people of Venus, and the oafish Poipoi people of Mars.

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