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Kamen Rider Zi-O spin off series Rider Time Ryuki announced!

Toei have announced a second Kamen Rider Zi-O web spin-off that will focus on the 2002 series Kamen Rider Ryuki. Kamen Rider Ryuki will soon be appearing in Kamen Rider Zi-O episodes 21 and 22 with Takamasa Suga reprising his role as Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki. This will then set up the spin off show Rider Time Ryuki which will debut in March.
Also appearing in the spin-off are So Okuno and Gaku Oshida as Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O and Geiz Myoukoin/Kamen Rider Geiz respectively. The spin-off will be directed by Takayuki Shibasaki and written by Toshiki Inoue.

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