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Visitors from the Galaxy (1981)

Written by Miloš Macourek and Dušan Vukotić, and directed by Vukotić, Visitors from the Galaxy follows Robert (Žarko Potočnjak) a hotel doorman who is obsessed with science fiction. Robert has plans to write his own science-fiction book about three alien androids—Andra and children Targo and Ulu—who land on Earth coming from an advanced civilisation from the galaxy of Arkana. Robert’s plans are always interrupted by his girlfriend Biba (Lucié Žulova) and his photographer neighbour.

Later Robert begins his writing and shows it his friend at work who advises Robert to add a monster to his story, saying it is the only way to attract the readers’ attention. Robert responds by adding the character of Mumu, a huge alien pet.

Things start to get weird for Robert when one night he hears a woman’s voice on a tape recorder, telling him to go to a nearby island. He borrows a boat from his friend Toni (Ljubisa Samardzic) and arrives at the island, where he is surprised to find the aliens from his own story. After he returns home, he talks about the events with his psychiatrist. He adds that he discovered he has “tellurgia”, an ability to make his thoughts come true; he learned about it when he was a baby wishing for milk, and his father grew breasts in order to feed him.

Robert begins arguing with Biba, who does not believe a thing he says, so in a bid to convince her, Robert takes her to the island the following night and introduces her to the three aliens in their blue glowing spherical spaceship…



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