Turnbuckle Titans: Nikolai Volkoff #2 is now available for pre-order

THAT’S RIGHT….the second issue of the authorized biographical miniseries for WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Nikolai Volkoff, is now available for pre-order through your local comic book store with Diamond Previews Code: NOV181502!

If you missed issue #1, you can still pre-order through your local comic store with Diamond Previews Code: OCT181419.

NIKOLAI is the authorized comic biography of Croatian wrestling legend, Nikolai Volkoff, 2005 WWE Hall of Famer, former WWF Tag Team Champion, and former partner of the Iron Sheik! Along with Bruno Sammartino, Nikolai was the first professional wrestler to sell out Madison Square Garden. Written by John Crowther (Antarctic Press’ Rochelle), this story of Nikolai’s life is based on in-depth interviews and intimate conversations between the writer and the wrestler.

In this second installment of our chronicle of Nikolai’s journey to superstardom, we pick up from the point of his bold decision to defect to America and follow him through his acclimation to a new culture and his discover of the sport of professional wrestling. Join Nikolai as he begins training with legends of the sports entertainment genre and joins his first tag team, on his way to becoming one of the greatest wrestlers the world has ever seen!

NIKOLAI 2 is the second of three single-issue comics in 7.5″ x 9.25″ format. This 24-page installment is authored by John Crowther, the story is lushly illustrated and lettered by comics and animation legend, Dell Barras (storyboard artist on Transformers: The Movie and the Transformers & G.I. Joe cartoon series, as well as many other animated series, including many Marvel series, Captain Planet, & The Pirates of Darkwater!). Colors are provided by newcomer, Andrew Pate.

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