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Build NEW WORLD- Kamen Rider Cross-Z trailer released

Using the Muscle Galaxy Full Bottle, Kamen Rider Cross-Z transforms into Kamen Rider Cross-Z Evol! Although they have defeated Evolto in the TV series, the truth behind it is a mystery. What will our heroes discover in this New World?

The film will introduce Killbus, Evolto’s older brother and wields power that surpasses that of his brother, making him the strongest member of the Blood Clan! In the film, he will take the human guise of dancer Satoshi Kakizaki (played by Sazer-X’s Gaku Shindo). His “Rider” form is based on a spider and is covered by a poisonous red colour. He is known for defeating his enemies by taking their appearance, and then taking them down from the inside!

As the name of the spin-off suggests, Build NEW WORLD will take place in the world created after the end of the TV series.

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