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Ready for the Next Quest? Kiwi web series AFK takes you into new territory for season two

What would you do if you woke up inside the world of your favourite role playing game, inhabiting the body of your chosen character? How would you survive with your real-life skills? Welcome to the world of AFK (Away From Keyboard), where getting out of a sticky situation is not as easy as pressing Ctrl + z.

AFK is a web series which follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world. Orcs, elves, rangers, gnomes and other fantasy beings are now inhabited by the human beings who created them online.

And while AFK (short for ‘Away From Keyboard’) is set in a world familiar to fans of role playing games (RPGs), the problems faced by each character will resonate with wider audiences as well. The gamers struggle to adjust to life in their new environment and the characters they embody, some of which are far removed from the lives they have lived behind the keyboard. Season two, AFK: This World & The Next  finds the characters entering uncharted and dangerous new territory. With various parties racing to complete a quest that could open a portal back to the real world, only the smartest and the most ruthless will prevail.

Filmed entirely in New Zealand with a local cast and crew, AFK features a wealth of local acting talent who have also appeared in productions like Spartacus, The Legend of the Seeker, The King’s Speech, Mortal Engines and Mega Time Squad. AFK was created with the assistance of New Zealand on Air.

Seasons one and two of AFK are available at TVNZ On Demand and via YouTube.

Find AFK on social media:


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