Power Rangers actors to reunite for The Order

News has broken that a gang of original Power Rangers actors are reuniting for a film called The Order that will start filming next year. The news was broken by Karan Ashley (Aisha/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) who will created and wrote the movie alongside David Fielding (MMPR’s Zordon). Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam/MMPR Black II) will serve as the film’s executive producer alongside Ashley.

From what has been revealed so far “The Order” are a secret organisation who task themselves to eliminate violent threats and imminent disasters in secret and to keep humanity safe from complete societal breakdown and maintain world order. Its operatives have faced the worse threats, and much to their surprise, the next threat that they will face is being lead by some of their own…

Before the film gets dropped on us Ashley and Fielding have another treat for us. The graphic novel The Order: Icarus Rising, (with art by Nathan Blu) will act as a prequel to the events of the film. The Order: Icarus Rising will be the first of three volumes that explores the world of The Order and will go to extremes that they cannot show in the movie. Fielding states, “Due to certain restrictions, we had to bring things down a bit. Special effects are expensive. That sort of thing. That’s why we did the graphic novel. We’re able to do things we had to scale back from the film.”

The first volume of the graphic novel is currently available at the film’s official website.

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