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Birds of Prey adds Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya

The Wrap has revealed that Birds of Prey have added Rosie Perez (Bounty Hunters, The Cleveland Show, Go Diego Go!) to play the role of Renee Montoya.
Montoya was initially created for Batman: The Animated Series, and was preemptively introduced into mainstream comics before the airing of her animated debut in Batman 475 (Cover dated March 1992). She was initially a detective from the Gotham City Police Department, assigned to the Major Crimes Unit who comes into frequent contact with the masked vigilante, Batman. Later, Renee is outed as a lesbian, and later resigns from the police force, disgusted by its corruption. She was later trained by The Question and took over his mantle operating out of a lighthouse she shares with Aristotle Rodor on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This was later retconned out in DC’s new 52, where she was reintroduced as a Police Detective once again.
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