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Henry Cavill quits as Superman?

Reports are flying in that Henry Cavill has walked away from his role as Superman in the DCEU. Eyebrows were first raised regarding the reception Man of Steel and then Dawn of Justice received. The internet backlash was not polite. Then came the moustache reshoots for the Justice League movie and all the comments they brought.  Then came the fact that Cavill has signed on for the lead role in the upcoming Netflix fantasy series The Witcher.

Cavill was in negotiations to film a cameo spot for Shazam! but those negotiations broke down with sources claiming DC were instead focusing on a Supergirl movie which would retell her origin – making Superman an infant once again *cough* reboot!

With DC’s multiverse this could easily be possible but with the negative stink that surrounds the DCEU it would appear more cracks are forming and those involved can see just how bad they are.

What should of been the easiest cinematic universe to put together has instead resulted in a rushed cash-in with no vision or care towards the source material in which fans have reacted to appropriately.



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