Kickstarter Watch: The Samurai Slasher (Survive your own Adventure book)

The Return of the Samurai Slasher puts you right in the middle of an 80s-style slasher story. But do YOU have what it takes to survive?

The Return of the Samurai Slasher is an all-new story, which puts you in the path of the ominous killing machine known as the Samurai Slasher. Your choices dictate what happens, and if you and the other characters in the book survive.

You drive to a remote cabin in the woods, and quickly start to get set up for a night of partying, but it soon becomes apparent that you and your friends are not alone. You’d heard of the myth of the Samurai Slasher but you never thought it could be true. But after you see him with your own eyes you have no choice but to take action. So… what are you going to do?

The Samurai Slasher is a homage to 80s horror – or more specifically 80s slashers. The Slasher made his debut as a comic and has since fought drunken teens, the US army, an undead samurai army, and a koi carp-inspired wizard…

It’s fair to say that the series doesn’t take itself too seriously.  To help fund it CLICK HERE!

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