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Review: Ocean’s 8 (2018)

The Ocean’s franchise is known for three things, heists, ensemble casts and about a 50% chance of being good. Understandably then, a sequel released 11 years after the last one starring virtually none of the original cast would probably not be very good. Luckily though, this film proved to be part of the good half of this franchise.

While being a fairly cut and paste heist film with all of the conceits and tropes such a genre, one of the biggest points that makes Ocean’s 8 good is its cast. While I mentioned previously that virtually none of the original cast returned, save for a cameo or two of some lesser known members, the cast of this film is one of its strongest points.

The protagonist of the film, Debbie Ocean, is the sister of George Clooney’s character from 11,12 and 13, and after being convicted for fraud is out to get both rich and revenge. In her quest for this, she enlists a star studded cast consisting of Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna, among others.

The basic plot of the film revolves around the crew trying to steal an antique diamond necklace from the Annual Met Gala. Naturally, twists abound as the job is revealed to not be as it appears. The eponymous Ocean’s 8 are all acted excellently, with Sarah Paulson’s character and Anne Hathaway’s character both being highlights of this film.

This is not an especially deep film, with a fair few moments of comedy throughout the film. This film appears also to be possibly setting up a sequel, as I do not believe for one moment that Clooney’s Danny Ocean is as dead as they claim. Bullock’s character of Debbie even mentions this herself, saying “You had better be in there” while at his grave. I assume that if a sequel does happen, both Ocean’s crews would probably have to team up for some even bigger job that needs everyone. James Corden also made a small appearance as a Columbo-esque insurance investigator tasked with finding the stolen jewels. His character was quite pleasant to watch, which is a change from his usual, grating self.

The one thing I would say that is lacking is a bit of tension. There is a moment briefly wherein you think they will have to find a fix for an issue with the necklace but it is saved by a simple phone call to Rihanna’s sister who comes through with a deus ex. Although I do think this was kind of a good call on their part to subvert one of the heist tropes, so as not to fall into every cliche.

Ultimately, I found Ocean’s 8 to be an enjoyable, fun romp, as well as a throwback to the heist films of the early 00’s. Going into this film, you shouldn’t expect a deep, lengthy film but if you are looking for a well acted, light, pithy romp then you will not be disappointed.

Verdict: Overall, I would give Ocean’s 8 a 7.5 out of 10.


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