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Kamen Rider Build The Movie: Be The One is coming soon!

News is starting to filter through about Kamen Rider Build The Movie: Be The One which debuts on August 4th 2018 where after the civil war that tore apart the regions of Touto, Hokuto and Seito, the new governors of each regions work together to reunify Japan. In reality however, they are part of an extra-terrestrial race called “Blood Tribe”, which intends to destroy earth as they have done to many other worlds. Considering Sento Kiryū/Kamen Rider Build as a major threat against their plans, the Blood Tribe begins their plan by somehow manipulating his friends and other civilians to attack him. With even Ryuga now against him, Sento must now fight to survive while trying to stop the Blood Tribe’s plan from succeeding.

The movie will introduce Kamen Rider Build Cross-Z Build Form, the newest Best Match that is combination of powers derived from 2 of earth’s most powerful fighters! Also we will meet the evil Kamen Rider Blood! An alien snake warrior from the Blood Clan, a race of planet devouring aliens in which Evolt is also a part of. He transforms into Kamen Rider Blood by using a Build Driver, the Great Cross-Z Dragon, the Cobra Lost Full Bottle and Hazard Trigger. He is also assisted by the Scissors and Zebra Lost SMASH.

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