Cult Movies

Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patranger- Summer Movie teaser trailers dropped

Kamen Rider Build – Be The One: Set after the events of the series, Seito, Hokuto and Touto now support each other in their mission to reunify Japan, with new governors leading each region instead of prime ministers. However, they are they are part of an evil organization called the “Blood Clan”, which intends to take over the entire world. Being certain that Kiryu Sento/Kamen Rider Build is a major threat to their plans, they proceed with their “Build Annihilation Plan” in order to turn Sento’s friends and other civilians against him. The trailer also teased the “destruction of a bond between two parters” and that “those two can bring about a miracle.”

Lupinranger VS Patranger – en film: After the arrival of the infamous detective Herlock Sholmes, who intends to decrease the threat of the Gangler and uncover the Lupinranger’s identities, both Kairi and Keiichiro get trapped in the Gangler’s alternate dimension, and will have to join forces if they are to find a way to escape.

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