Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Deep Space (1988)

Written by Fred Olen Ray (who also directed it)  and T.L. Lankford, Deep Space begins as the United States military loses control of a secret satellite that contains a biological weapon.

Police Lieutenant McLemore (Charles Napier) is given the job of trying to stop the weapon before it kills more people and escapes into the surrounding area. Whilst at the same time Dr. Forsythe (James Booth) gives the weapon a command to hide out and kill people.

This results in a slimy creature emerging from a rock at the crash site and we soon understand that this monster is the weapon! As per most things that crashed to Earth in the 1980’s the monster makes his way to Los Angeles and begins to kill anyone who comes near it. This includes teenagers! So you know this monster means business!

Later a psychic named Lady Elaine Wentworth (Julie Newmar) begins to sense the creature so she phones McLemore and tells him about the creature, but can she help him track it down in time…

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