Brighton Beach Comic Con Preview

This April 7th ‘The Grand Hotel’ will become a haven for the nerdy as it hosts this year’s ‘Brighton Beach Comic Con’.

Guest will include Buck Rogers Gil Gerrard and ‘Primevals’ Andrew Lee Potts; there will also  be a trio of ‘Power Rangers’ with Erin Cahill, Jason Faunt & Blake Foster attending.

Comic book fans will also be catered for with Steve Tanner, Phil Elliott, Robert Wells, Mark Green and P.J. Blakey-Novis all making an appearance.

For those who are fans of Cosplay, Milkyringo, Kaida, The Clumsy Cosplayers & the Cosplay Bunnies UK will all be showing off their latest costumes; plus as an added bonus Brighton’s very own Red Ranger will be joining the fun.

On top of all this there will also be ‘TARDIS’, ‘Iron Throne’, ‘Dalek’, ‘Walking Dead’ & ‘Batmobile’ photo-ops.

But wait there’s more. As you wonder around the site you will be able to mingle with ‘Dalek’s’, ‘K9’ & ‘Transformers’ very own ‘Bumblebee’.

Of course you will also be able to enjoy a day out in the awesome town of Brighton with its Pier, beach and world famous ‘Lanes’. Maybe get a bit of Quadrophenia action?

Cult Faction will be covering the event so please come along and say hello.

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