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Friday 13th – The Game (2018)

Friday the 13th The Game isn’t your typical video game as each play through has a 20-minute time limit for online games, which is ideal if you want to play a game but don’t have hours to spare at breaking your thumbs. The theme of the game is simple either you control one of the many different versions of Jason and pick off the unlucky campers one by one or you play as one of the counsellors and try to escape or even better beat Jason at his own game and give him a horrible death. Being Jason is a lot of fun and the fact the developers keep adding additional content for free rather than purchasable dlc is a nice touch. Like the movies this game is low-budget but good fun, it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and the developers deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve done so far.

When controlling Jason your object is simple, seek and destroy, each version of Jason has a different skill set with its own strengths and weakness, each with different fatalities at their disposal which adds to its replay value as you’ll want to try out all the different kills available. It may sound weird, but I’ve laughed more playing Friday the 13th than any other game I can remember this is due to the random people you come across playing with online. One person I came up against as Jason kept speaking in a funny voice, taunting me rejecting his Facebook friend request as he slowly crushed my skull, others and this is grown men screaming like little girls as Jason chases after them. As well as Jason’s built in methods of murder you can take advantage of certain areas for on the spot kills, for example putting your machete through a bed a councillor is hiding under or through a cupboard they hid in. Now obviously everyone wants to be Jason but as you’ll be one of 8 people playing you have a 12.5% chance of getting your wish, but should you host the game you can control Jason.

Being a councillor i.e. a soon to be victim of Jason isn’t as much fun, but it’s still enjoyable and funny. You must work as a part of team with the other people playing and try to plot your escape or attempt at taking down Jason. Killing Jason is very hard I won’t give a spoiler here on how it’s done but you’ll need a couple of good players playing at the same time as you and do the required tasks in the right order. If you have some friends that also have the game, it’s a lot of fun either working as a team against Jason or slowly stalking your friends as the masked lunatic.

Online is a lot of fun, there are a few bugs, but these always get worked on and it can be frustrating if the game host decides they don’t want to play any more half way though a game or if you get meet your maker within the first 2 minutes as you must wait for the others to either get murdered or escape. The online experience has steadily got better and more reliable and hopefully that continues.

A single player version of the game has recently been added allowing you to control Jason and take down the counsellors only this time against AI controlled players. It’s a good way to get used to Jason’s controls but it’s not as much fun chasing the computer as real people as their screaming or banter really adds a lot to the whole experience.

VERDICT: Overall for the budget the developers had you’d have to say it’s a good game. It’s not one you’ll play for hours on end, but it’s a nice quick fix for gaming. New single player challenges are being added soon and I’m looking forward to playing them. I’d rate the game 6.5 out of 10 but that figure could well get a boost once more is added. I’ll end it there as writing this review is making me want to pack my stuff and make a quick trip over to Crystal Lake.

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