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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Following on from the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, a mini-series that ran for ten episodes in early 1996. The show adapted footage from the Super Sentai series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers picks up from the finale of sesaon 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers where Master Vile has used the Orb of Doom to reverse the ages of everyone on Earth, including the Power Rangers, reducing them to children. However, unlike the last time, the rangers retain their memories of the proper time thanks to the Ninja Power Coins. Unfortunately, the rangers are unable to morph and fight.

With his Rangers unable to fight, Zordon recruits the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to assist him. These Rangers are humanoid, partially aquatic aliens and though Earth’s environment is ultimately inhospitable to them, they agree to help. They are:

  • Delphine (played by Rajia Baroudi) – The White Aquitian Ranger who is the leader of the Alien Rangers.
  • Aurico (played by Christopher Glenn) – The Red Aquitian Ranger who is field commander and second-in-command of the Alien Rangers.
  • Cestro (played by Karim Prince) – The Blue Aquitian Ranger.
  • Tideus (played by Jim Gray) – The Yellow Aquitian Ranger.
  • Corcus (played by Alan Palmer) – The Black Aquitian Ranger.

The Aquitian Rangers stop Master Vile who soon leaves; although Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa remain and intend to conquer Earth once and for all!

Billy builds a Regenerator which is powered by the Ninja Power Coins. he hopes it will return everyone to their correct ages. Unfortunately it only works on Billy. The device is then stolen by Goldar and Rito Revolto and the Ninja Power coins get destroyed by Zedd and Rita. This once again leaves the Aquitian Rangers as the only Ranger team left to defend Earth.

Upon considering the fate of the Rangers, Zordan comes to a decision that only the Zeo Crystal can return everything to normal. The only problem is that it has now been split into five sub-crystals and hidden across time and space to keep them from evil. As a result of Zordon’s decision the five young Rangers are sent back to a different point in time to find the sub-crystals. Upon success, they are returned to the present. All the while, the Aquitian Rangers, Billy, Zordon and Alpha 5 fend off the forces of Lord Zedd and Rita.

In their frustration, Zedd and Rita summon the Aquitian Rangers’ arch-foe, Hydro-Hog, to destroy them. After a great battle, the Aquitian Rangers destroy him. Meanwhile, Aisha Campbell acquires the final sub-crystal in Africa. However, she chooses to remain in exchange for the sub-crystal and new friend Tanya Sloan (Nakia Burrise) goes in her place.

Once the Zeo Crystal is recombined in a machine devised by Billy, Earth is restored to normal. The teenaged Rangers bid thanks and farewell to their Aquitian counterparts, who return to Aquitar. However, Goldar and Rito Revolto steal the Zeo Crystal out of the Command Center and their bomb goes off soon afterwards. The Rangers are teleported to safety just before the Command Center is destroyed…

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