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Review: Them (2016)

‘Them’ is a 2016 horror short by ‘Vulpinos Film’. Directed and co produced by Charles Bolprand and staring Claudia Rivarelli.

The short has little in the way of plot it’s a single header, which seems to focus on protagonist succumbing to worsening schizophrenia.

The visual are more uncomfortable then creepy or even scary. There is no real jumps or scares just a feeling of wanting to look away. With little in the way of real time dialogue we are left with a voice over from the main character; this feels more like a taped therapy session then a way to develop any type of storyline.

The whole film plays almost like the video from Hideo Nakata’s 1998 film ‘Ring’. We are left with no real conclusion and by the end you feel a second watch my revel some hidden message you previously overlooked.

Coming in at just over six minutes in length I would encourage everyone to watch this short. It would make a great start to any Halloween film night.

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