Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: The Cape

Before the major popularity of superheroes on TV that we see today there was The Cape; created by Tom Wheeler and hitting the airwaves in 2011, The Cape may have only lasted for ten episodes but those episodes left an impression on all those who watched it.

Set in Palm City, California, we follow honest hard-working detective Vince Faraday (David Lyons) who has decided the time has come to leave the Police force after witnessing a villain called Chess murder the new police chief. Following his retirement as a Policeman Faraday accepts an offer to work for ARK, a private security firm owned and operated by billionaire entrepreneur Peter Fleming (James Frain). ARK is petitioning Palm City to privatize the police and public safety operations.

A video streamed to Faraday from an investigative blogger known only as “Orwell” leads him and partner, Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick), to a cargo train owned by Fleming’s firm. They discover the train is smuggling implosive WMD’s inside children’s toys. Voyt then reveals he is working for Chess and betrays Farraday. Chess then reveals that he is really Fleming and elaborately frames Faraday for the police chief’s murder which culminates in a chase where a tanker explosion causes Faraday’s apparent death.

Instead, Faraday is abducted by “The Carnival of Crime”, a traveling circus turned bank robbery ring, who later accept him as one of their own. Their ring leader, Max Malini (Keith David), trains Faraday in circuscraft and in the use of a special cape made entirely from spider silk. Max convinces Faraday that using his own identity would endanger his wife and son. Faraday decides to fight Palm City’s corruption and clear his name by adopting the visage of his son’s favourite comic book hero, The Cape!


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