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Twin Peaks: The Return – Full Review

It’s happened again!

It’s been a long night here at Cult Faction. After much hype Twin Peaks returned and… It was everything a Twin Peaks fan wanted, funny, clever, and madder than a frog with a kaleidoscope.

There was the something old: I counted the return of at least 14 old favourites, the something new: Mathew Lillard escaping for the ‘ where are they now’ files. The something borrowed; flash backs to Fire Walk With Me, more than a smattering of Lost Highway and INLAND EMPIRE. And the something blue: Swearing and nudity in Twin Peaks? Ye gods!

You could always kind of explain Twin Peaks to a new comer by saying ‘ it’s about who killed Laura Palmer and then the whole town unravels around it.’ You certainly can’t do that now, in fact in the first two episodes very little time is spent in Twin Peaks. We go to New York, Dakota, and The Black Lodge and just about anywhere else except for Twin Peaks!

Don’t worry though, I’ve had a peak ahead and we are back in TP sooner than you can order a slice of cherry pie and a coffee blacker than midnight on a moonless night.

As a total Twin Peaks fan boy I was pleased to see that the new series appears to be totally impenetrable to new comers, good. After all they haven’t spent 25 years waiting for it.

As they say in the new series ‘ the world is full of truck drivers’

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