Comichaus #1

In the era of Kickstarter anything is possible and Comichaus is one of the things that makes me glad we live in this age, it’s an epic concept that we’ve not seen in forever a Monthly British Indie anthology comic.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the art on the cover (provided by long term comic professional Glen Fabry who is best known for his work on Judge Dread and painting the covers of the first 66 issues of Preacher ) … this is not some low budget photocopy student paper, this is quality!

Once you’ve taken in the cover your thrown straight into the six short stories ( 5 of which are the beginning of an ongoing story arch) that make up this 42 page first issue.

First up is Karyn Shade by James McCulloch and Jessica L. Byrne; I like Jessica’s art style it’s pretty and she makes great use of the Grey scale colour scheme, the 6 pages of “Beyond Forth” that we get here introduces us to our Hero – Karyn and feels like the first 5 minutes of a Twilight Zone episode or the beginning of a particularly well written 80’s horror movie, if they can keep the quality up this story has a lot of potential.

Feather by Dave Cook and Norrie Millar this feels like the pre credit sequence of a CW series introducing us to a disease that is spreading across the world like wildfire and a handful of characters, the first and last page’s seem to foreshadow what’s to come and make me want to read the second instalment so all in all a good introduction which hooks you for the upcoming story.

Suited and Booted takes us in a different direction to the previous stories and throws us into the future;  in the 6 pages of this story we rocket around from 2120 all the way to 2303 we see the rise and fall of humanity before being introduced to our protagonist on the last page , the story telling has a fast pace , Jon Laight’s scripting and Dan Butcher’s art reminds me of a backup story in The Eagle during the 90’s , the pace is a little fast for me but I understand that to tell the story they want to tell they need to set the scene by introducing us to a whole different world which is something the Karyn Shade and Feather did not have to do before they started telling their stories.

Troubleshooters drops us straight into a post-apocalyptic world with two nameless travellers / traders who are looking for a way to make some money in the introductory pages we see Six shooters and dinosaurs / dragons and get a bit of a mad max feel Ed Bickford’s art is simple and sparse which sits well with the story. Aaron Walther’s script does its job, quickly introducing you to the parts of this strange world that you need to know to let him tell you this story and stops at a point that wants you to keep reading again like Feather the part of this story presented in this issue feels like the pre-credit scene of a modern T.V drama.

Luke Cooper has done all the work on the first part of Mortality there are a couple of interesting moments (one of which was particularly well done and could create a really interesting story point) and Luke is obviously setting up his story as he introduces us to a hitman / former mercenary and his daughter who have just died in a car crash.

Our final story is the only one shot, Mum and Dad tells the story of a one year old called Jimmy and again has the feel of an The Eagle back up story to it (which is not a bad thing). Iain Laurie and Colin Bell’s art is simple and helps Tom Ward’s story get to a satisfying end that I didn’t see coming!

The back cover is a simple picture of a young woman smoking a cigarette in front of a red Skull and above the word “Chalk” …. This image is beautiful , it looks like the front cover of an issue of the chilling adventures of Sabrina and makes me want to know more about what’s going on.

Overall this was a strong 1st issue with the stand out being Karyn Shade and Feathers but all of the stories being worth a read. Here’s to issue 2 continuing the good work.

– Mark

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