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Review: Doctor Who – Extremis (Season 10, Ep. 6)

M. Night Shayanalan, meets The Matrix, meets The Mummy; throw in a little Black Mirror and yes the sixth episode of season was a mix bag of influences. The trick of course is to make all these parts work as one; thankfully writer Steve Moffat and Director Daniel Netteim did a (say it like nine used to) fantastic job.

Extremis was a departure to the previous five fast paced episodes of this series. Here writer and show runner Moffat took the chance to slow things down and let the story breathe. We were taken on a story and lead to a genuinely surprising twist.

The space also gave us a chance to once again see what a great actor Peter Capaldi is. There was almost something dark about his performance this week; which only added to the episodes sense of suspense.

Only minor gripe was the reveal of who is in the vault seemed a little too obvious. It was almost a letdown when it was revealed to be Missy. This might be of course due to the fans getting over excited and suggesting everyone from ‘River Song’, to John Simms ‘Master’, all the way to the originator of the ‘Time Lord’ race ‘Omega’.

If the season continues like this both Moffat and Capaldi will leave the show on a high. As ‘Whovian’s’ we almost expect that one episode per-season that is so bad we never talk about it. Extremis was not that episode.

Marks out of 10: 9

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