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Boone: The Bounty Hunter (2017)

Boone: The Bounty Hunter is an action packed action-comedy the follows the life of fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter, Boone (John Hennigan).

With his reality TV series in peril because of low ratings, Boone and his crew Denny (Osric Chau) and Kat (Spencer Grammer) decide to up their game and hunt one of America’s most wanted felons Ryan Davenport (Jonathan Lipnicki). Their hunt leads them to Mexico in which events inspired by Dog The Bounty Hunter unfold. It turns out Ryan’s Dad – Cole Davenport (Richard Tyson) is an international  drug lord and Boone appears to have bitten off more than he can chew…

Boone: The Bounty Hunter was created by its star John Hennigan (known to professional wrestling fans as John Morrison and Johnny Mundo) and whilst some may be doubtful of his credentials Boone is proof that Hennigan can more than hold his own in the character comedy market. He also gets bonus points for his stunt and parkour work in the movie.

Clearly a tribute to the action movies of the 80’s, Boone manages not to become a laughless parody like the Scary Movie films but instead uses these films as its foundation and builds a credible world around them that Boone and his friends live in.

The way the movie is shot is almost MTV like (back when MTV was innovative) and flows across the big screen without any dead weight and its script whilst reliant at times on the purposely bad Boon puns also manages to set out its pieces and pull them together when it matters.

The strength of this movie all rides on the shoulders of Hennigan and his passion for the character of Boone is clear. Boone is his creation that he has literally fought tooth and nail to bring to the big screen. Boone succeeds because Hennigan becomes Boone in the same way Steve Coogan becomes Alan Partridge, Danny McBride becomes Kenny Powers or Sacha Baron-Cohen becomes Borat. This is vital in any important character driven comedy, for the humour comes from Boone as a person and his reactions (good or bad) to the situations around him. It is not all one liners and set piece gags.

With drama, comedy, action and some awesome cameos from some of our very own Heroes of Cult including our favourite Renegade, Boone: The Bounty Hunter could easily be the next cult franchise like Sharknado, with many spin offs that place Boone in a variety of different places and situations where as well as finding his bounty Boone is also unknowingly on a journey to find himself.

Who doesn’t want some more Boon puns?

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