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“Ultra Mother” Peggy Hayama passes away at 83 years old

It is Cult Faction’s sad duty to report that Peggy Hayama, the voice of Ultra Mother has passed away at the age of 83 years old following a battle with pneumonia. Hayama actually passed on April 12th but reporting was held off.

Hayama began her career as a singer in 1952; in 1965 she married Jun Negami (MAT’s captain Ryu Ibuki in Return of Ultraman). Hayama later guest starred in Ultraman Taro as the voice of Ultra Mother and her human identity: The Lady in Green.

Hayama was honored by the Ministry of Education in 1993 for her contributions to fine arts in Japan.Two years later, she received the Medal with Purple Ribbon. In 2004, Hayama was awarded an Order of the Rising Sun, fourth class and she became the first chairwoman of the Japanese Singers Association in 2007, and served until 2010.

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