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Review: Doctor Who – The Pilot (Series 10 Ep.1)

So after taking a year off Doctor Who returned with a new series, a new companion and enough Easter Eggs to fill the whole Bank Holiday weekend.

‘The Pilot’ saw the ‘Doctor’ new companion ‘Bill Potts’ battle an intergalactic oil stain. So the plot was a little light weight but, this gave plenty of room for us to get to know Bill. Pearl Mackie gave a stellar performance. She was funny, likable and believable. Bill was pretty much written off after the 2016 mini-sode ‘Friend from the Future’ but, with this performance, must have won over all but the most hardened detractors.

It was an old school ‘Who’ horror episode. There was a definite influence from Takashi Shimizu 2002 film ‘The Grudge’ and Hideo Nakata 1998 ‘The Ring’. It also drew on more the more recent ‘Who’ universe such as the use of water from ‘The Waters of Mars’, the repeat responses on ‘Midnight’ & even the use of old school scares of the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ episode ‘The Eternity Trap’.

As mentioned before the Easter Eggs and nods to the past were very much present. They ranged from the subtle such as the scorch marks left by the alien ship (Remembrance of the Daleks) to direct references such as re-entering the Dalek – Molvern War (Destiny of the Daleks).  Speaking of which it was great to see the Molvern get their first, however brief, appearance in 33 years.

So despite a light weight plot the season ten opener was, for most parts, a success. Bill seems like she’s going refresh the show, Matt Lucas’ ‘Nardole’ keeps becoming more and more likeable and Peter Capaldi continues to be the fan boys ‘Doctor’.

Marks out of 10:- 8

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