Cult Movie Essentials

Omega Doom (1996)

At the end of a World War between humans and robots, a nuclear bomb was detonated and a Dark Age begun, without technology or electricity. Years later, the world has been cleared of humanity by the CDC, only the CDC’s cyborgs and robots remain…

On the last day of the war between the human and the robot army, one of the robots, Omega Doom (Rutger Hauer), is shot in his head by a dying soldier and his programming for the destruction of mankind is erased.

Some time later, Omega Doom arrives at a destroyed city, where he encounters an unusual community of robots and Roms (newer and more advanced robots), who are in conflict. Doom also finds there are two remaining peaceful robots – a former nanny who now works as a bartender(Anna Katarina) and the head of a former teacher, whom the other robots use as a ball.

Omega Doom helps The Head (Norbert Weisser) find a body and tells him about a rumored stock of hidden weapons. Both groups want these weapons in order to continue the destruction of the remaining humans…

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