Geek Girl #2

Arriving on comic book shelves in 2015, Sam Johnson’s creation immediately caught the attention of the comic world.

Ruby is Geek Girl – the latest creation from Markosia Comics, and each time she puts on a pair of technically advanced glasses she is given super powers but…also becomes geeky looking.

Issue two sees Ruby, with the help of her friend Summer, struggling to come to terms with her new found powers. With reports on the news of Geek Girls latest adventures becoming too much Ruby decides the best cause of action is to go out and get drunk.

The main problem with Geek Girl is it still seems unsure on what it actually is. On one hand it seems to promote itself with a feminist agenda. There are elements of strength within and the importance of friendships. This at times seems a little clumsy and juxtaposes with the other side of the narrative.

The other side is that the imagery and story is quite sexualised; as we are confronted with large breasts, down top or up-skirt angles in most of the panels. There is also a brief lesbian encounter which seems straight from the imagination of a horny teenager.

This aside the artwork is well drawn and seems to mix contemporary elements, with DC Comics and 1970’s Sexploitation movies.

Geek Girl is a fun read and in the main well paced. Unfortunately there is a moment during the conversation between Ruby and Summer in the club that does drag a little. Despite this the story is did keep my interest to the end.

So to summarise: Geek Girl is an enjoyable read but, unlike a kick to the face from Geek Girl herself, not Earth shattering. It does however have plenty of potential and is a comic worth sticking with.

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