Review: Geek Girl Mini Series #1

So once again we join the adventures of Geek Girl. Created by Sam Johnson she’s just an average girl who gains special powers by donning a technically advanced pair of glasses.

This issue concentrates on the arc development of a number of the main characters. There seems to be an element of the ‘Buffy’ dynamic in the friendships and interactions of the female leads. At times these characters can feel a little cliché, but overall they are engaging. Most fun of all is ‘Pit Bull’ who is a nice take on the narcissistic, slightly misogynistic antiheros of the past; think ‘Han Solo’ in a dog costume.

The story is well paced, draws you into the ‘Geek Girl’ world and keeps the attention. My only gripe would be (as it was with the previous edition) is the jarring juxtaposition between the comics’ obvious feminist overtones and the sexualisation of the female leads. The gratuitous angles we sometimes see the girls and the titillating mention of lesbians seems at times a little school boy fantasy.

Story and characters aside the artwork well drawn and has a fun Saturday morning cartoon feel to it. I partially like the how the villain revealed towards the end looks.

So a solid and fun read from a series still in its infancy; I think there is a lot of room here for a great story arc to develop and run for years. Well worth a read and I hope it’s successful enough that one day I see a ‘Pit Bull’ cosplayer at a Con.

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