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On The Buses

On the Buses is a legendary British sitcom created and written by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney (although through the years series stars Stephen Lewis and Bob Grant would go onto write a number of episodes).

Upon watching On the Buses it is important to remember it is of its time and that not everything that was funny then is funny now. It was broadcast from 1969 to 1973 (7 Series/74 episodes). It spawned three spin-off feature films and a stage version.

Reg Varney led the show as Stanley “Stan” Butler, a popular bus driver who works for the Luxton and District Traction Company along with Jack Harper (Bob Grant) and Inspector Blake. Stan lives with his mother Mabel, sister Olive and brother-in-law Arthur.

It is Jack, Stan’s conductor, best friend and next-door neighbour, who often leads Reg astray and gets him into trouble and reprimanded by Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis). Whether it is tampering with radio controls, changing the wrong price when attractive ladies get on, putting “DIVERSION” road signs in the wrong places, or going on dates with the female clippies, they are always getting into scrapes. Jack is also the shop steward (Union Rep) of the bus depot, and frequently abuses his postion to thwart Blakey’s schemes, usually with the catchphrase “As shop steward I am here to tell you…..”.


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