The fifth series of Big Finish’s acclaimed audio revival of Terry Nation’s classic Survivors is out now…

Available on CD or Download, Survivors – Series 5 is out today, starring Carolyn Seymour,Ian McCulloch and Lucy Fleming!

It begins with just a few people falling ill. Another flu virus that spreads around the globe. And then the reports begin that people are dying…

When most of the world’s population is wiped out, a handful of survivors are left to pick up the pieces. Cities become graveyards. Technology becomes largely obsolete. Mankind must start again. But viruses are survivors too…

5.1 The Second Coming by Andrew Smith

5.2 New Blood by Christopher Hatherall

5.3 Angel of Death by Simon Clark

5.4 Come the Horsemen by Andrew Smith

Survivors – Series 5 is currently available at frozen pre-release prices of £20 on Download, or £25 for a CD version which unlocks access to a digital version. For digital listeners, the free Big Finish app enables you to listen on-the-go with iOS or Android devices.

All of Big Finish’s Survivors releases can be found here, including the chance to pre-order forthcoming Series 6 and Series 7, to get the previous four series, or even download for free the very first episode: Survivors: Revelation.

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