Doctor Who – Rulebook, by writer Tony Jones, is now available, featuring Nicola Bryant behind the mic giving a rich take on the variety of characters the Fifth Doctor and Peri Brown encounter in one of their earliest travels together:

The Ellani of Beadledom 3 lived their lives in regulated harmony until they were invaded by the Valtor. Of course the Doctor and his new companion Peri were delighted to help out, but they didn’t know their biggest challenge wouldn’t be the Valtor army, but the Rulebook…


Doctor Who – Rulebook is the latest in 2016’s acclaimed run of Doctor Who – Short Trips, and can be bought either on its own for £2.99, or as part of a subscription of all 12 titles from this year’s run for just £30. Subscriptions for both 2017 and 2018‘s stories are also available for the same price, each story instantly available as soon as it’s released. If you’re using the free Big Finish app for either iOS or Android apps, you can be listening just minutes later.

Also available is a bundle collecting together the 2015 Short Trips, and another containing all five of the recently-announced Doctor Who – Short Trip Rarities for just £10.

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