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The Change

The Change is a film about a single mother who wakes in the middle of the night to discover the worst—her baby boy is missing. At first she suspects the boy’s absentee father, but after suffering from nightmares and ghostly visitations or hallucinations, she gradually becomes convinced that her son’s disappearance is the work of a changeling. The police, however, think the mother might be the culprit.

The creation of The Change will be an example of old-fashioned movie-making as we will be shooting on film and completing the project with a traditional photochemical finish. This means that we will end up with a 35mm print of The Change that comes from the original negative (the film that actually ran through the camera), instead of something transferred from digital files on a hard drive. This also means that we will be able to show the completed film in revival houses and other theaters that still have 35mm projectors. (The approach to effects will be retro as well—relying heavily on prosthetics and animatronics and avoiding CGI.)

We are attempting to raise at least $10,000 to package the film by signing an actress to play the lead role of Vivian. This should be enough, after processing fees, to cover a principal actor’s rate for two six-day weeks, plus one additional day of shooting, plus one day of ADR/looping (dialogue recorded in postproduction), plus overtime, plus fringes (approx. 48.93% of wages), under SAG-AFTRA’s Modified Low-Budget agreement, which our film qualifies for, as it will be made for no more than $700,000 (the cutoff for the above agreement).

$10,000 – Minimum goal; enough to package the film with a lead actress.

$20,000 – Enough to sign a lead actress and retain an experienced producer (who is already consulting with us on the project).

$50,000 – Enough to retain an experienced producer and sign all principal cast members.

$75,000 – Enough to retain a producer, attach principal cast and hire key production staff.

Beyond $75,000

With $75,000, we will have enough to assemble a complete production package. Any additional funds which we raise now will be earmarked for specific practical effects, allowing us to get our effects artists started before principal photography begins. We have received detailed quotes for the effects we need, as listed below:

+ $6,000 – animatronic/rod puppet luna moth

+ $6,580 – dummy cadaver with exposed arm

+ $3,450 – prosthetic for inhuman-looking male nurse

+ $4,760 – prosthetic for supernatural creature’s hand and arm

+ $1,230 – dentures for creature with sharp yellow teeth


“All the Pretty Little Horses”

Everyone pledging at the $13 level or above will receive digital copies of the music used in the trailer, an original harp setting of the haunting folk song “All the Pretty Little Horses.”

At $15,000 of funding, our composer will produce an extended version of the music, exploring additional orchestration and melodic variation.

At $35,000 of funding, our composer will extend the song into an exclusive album-length sound-scape drawing from other Celtic harp traditions—perfect for late-autumn listening and the onset of winter.

Pirate Mary and the Very Scary Fairy

At $25,000 of funding, we will produce two full pages from Pirate Mary and the Very Scary Fairy(a children’s storybook from the world of The Change) instead of producing only the panels needed for the film.

If we reach $75,000 of funding, we will produce the full storybook!

These will be distributed digitally at the $13 level and above, and physically at the $100 level and above.


In September, we adapted several scenes from The Change into a no-budget proof-of-concept trailer. The trailer was shot on 16mm Kodak film using a Bolex camera and finished digitally. Thanks to Echo Park Film Center and Wooden Nickel Lighting for use of their equipment, and to FotoKem for processing the footage and transferring it to HD.


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