Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Seven Stars Fighting God Guyferd

For five months in 1996, Japan was all about Seven Stars Fighting God Guyferd (aka Shichisei Tōshin Guyferd). Produced by Toho Company Ltd, the superhero show ran for 26 episodes and follows what happens after the mysterious disappearance of Gou Kazama’s older brother Masato.

You see, Gou Kazama was off travelling, and when he gets back to Japan his brother is nowhere to be found. His search results in Gou uncovering the fact that his brother has been abducted by the Criminal Global Syndicate “Crown”, who had hopes to create the ‘ultimate fighter’, kidnapping the world’s strongest and most skilled martial artists to use in their inhuman experiments.

Gou is eventually abducted by Crown as well and modified into a Guyborg, and during an escape he became a new entity via unknown means known as Guyferd. Using the style of the Ken’nou-ryu martial arts with his newfound power, Gou fights Crown while continuing the search for his brother.

Guyferd uses seven unique attacks known as the Shichiseiha – translated as the Seven Star Waves:

  • Kyokuseiken aka Ultimate Star Fist
  • Rekkageki aka Blazing Hit
  • Jiraishin aka Landmine Shock
  • Fukaranbu aka  Air Flower Dance
  • Bakuraiha aka Depthcharge Attack
  • Saigekishu aka Smashing Hit Kick
  • Gekiryusho aka Thrusting Dragon Attack

Also in the final episode Renki Kyokuseiken aka Combined Energy Ultimate Star Fist is used. You will have to watch to see how that comes about!

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