Tiger Mask W cast update

As mentioned previously, Tiger Mask W will be directed by Toshiaki Komura with animation by Toei Animation. The story follows Naoto Azuma and Takuma Fujii, a pair of young professional wrestlers who assume masked identities after their small wrestling company, Zipang Pro Wrestling, is destroyed by the evil Global Wrestling Monopoly.

Now three more cast members have been announced for the upcoming pro-wrestling TV anime, Tiger Mask W, including one voice actor who will be reprising his role almost 5 decades after the debut of the original Tiger Mask anime. The new cast members include:

Ryouichi Tanaka as Kentarou Takaoka,

Ryouichi Tanaka as Kentarou Takaoka, a returning character from the original 1969 – 1971 Tiger Mask TV anime with the original voice actor reprising his role. Formerly a pro-wrestler known as Yellow Devil, Takaoka was a friend of the original Tiger Mask. Takaoka is Haruna’s uncle, and he’s helping to train Naoto Azuma to take on the mantle of Tiger Mask in the present day.

Takeshi Kusao as Daisuke Fujii

Takeshi Kusao as Daisuke Fujii. Daisuke is Takuma’s father and the manager of the Zipang Prowrestling. Grievously injured by GWM, Daisuke is hospitalized and must undergo physical therapy, prompting his son to seek revenge.

Chiemi Chiba as Ruriko Yamashina

Chiemi Chiba as Ruriko Yamashina, a nurse who helps care for Daisuke Fujii after he is admitted to the hospital. Although Ruriko falls in love with Naoto during his daily visits to check on Daisuke, she hides her true feelings so as not to distract Naoto from his training.

Tiger Mask W will begin broadcasting on TV Asahi in October 2016.

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