Kickstarter Watch: The Girl

Written by Stu Perrins and with art by Pat O’Donnell, The Girl is a six part sci-fi/adventure/superhero/dark humor comic set in an unspecified point in the future where there is virtually no greenery and the metal structure is king.

The Girl is melting pot of OTT ingredients, and is probably (if a little arrogantly) described as a cross between The Umbrella Academy and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil with 2000AD’s satirical edge.

You can check it out here.

The concept

A clone of an unknown secret agent is being pursued by not only her creator but also the police. As the series progresses we discover who she was cloned from and why Planet Earth’s last remaining superhero ‘Dr Deathless’ is so intent on protecting her.

Cast of Characters

The Girl

Cloned from an unknown secret agent and known only as ‘The Girl’, our ‘heroine’ is an attractive (although not overly sexual) young woman in her early twenties. She is incredibly athletic, which gives her confidence that contradicts her otherwise vulnerable situation.

Dr Deathless

Dr Deathless is Planet Earth’s last remaining superhero. Having lived thousands of years, he can no longer remember who he really is or what is his real name is, which is why he now goes by the name ‘Dr Deathless’- Dr because of his healing abilities and Deathless because he is immortal. Note- Because of his immortal abilities, Dr Deathless is a smoker and alcoholic. Although still a handsome man, his hair is unkempt and he constantly has five days of stubble.

Chessington Hope

Although he appears to be more Donald Trump than Darth Vader, our villain is still an intimidating character with short sharp blasts of violence peppering his otherwise calm yet sinister demeanour. Note- A millionaire business and scientist, Chessington Hope is rarely not seen in an expensive suit.

Mr Tiddles

Ultra-violent assassin and hired henchman of Chessington Hope, Mr Tiddles is of very slim build and always wears a simple black suit and tie with a white shirt. At no point in the story do we ever see Mr Tiddles’ face because he wears a mask of a cartoon cat whenever he is at ‘work’.

Oswald Cleaver

Nearing retirement age, Oswald Cleaver is one of the city’s more popular detectives. His incredibly high crime solving success rate has seen Detective Cleaver become a minor celebrity and an inspiration to countless young police officers.

Janet Wu

Janet Wu is an attractive female police detective who was inspired to join the police force after becoming obsessed with the media coverage of Detective Cleaver’s crime fighting ways. She is now his partner.

Captain Vivian Slim

Police Captain and close friend of Cleaver (they were lovers in their youth), Vivian Slim runs the police department with calm authority.

Why Kickstarter?

This series is will be published by indie publishing power house Insane Comics, with issue one breaking out into the big wide world at the end of this year. But, because Insane Comics are based in the U.S there are very few avenues for this book to be available in printed form in the U.K., which is why this kickstarter was created. If this campaign is successful (and we hope it is) , the money raised will go towards getting this book into U.K comic stores and conventions.

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