Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: The Thing with Two Heads (1972)

It was an odd couple movie with a difference! Firstly we have Dr. Maxwell Kirshner (Ray Milland), a rich but racist man who is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man’s body.

Kirshner uses his friendship with the Governor to use the body of a convict on death row who will donate his body to his experiment instead of being executed.

Jack Moss (Roosevelt Grier) accepts the offer expecting to get more thirty days to prove that he is innocent but Dr. Philip Desmond (Roger Perry) immediately operates on Kirshner and Jack, but he is not able to control Jack who escapes in order to prove he is innocent.

Jack teams-up with his girlfriend Lila (Chelsea Brown) and Dr. Fred Williams (Don Marshall), who is convinced of his innocence and decides to remove Kirshner’s head. But how do they find another compatible body for Dr. Kirshner?

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