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Cult TV Essentials: The Secret World Of Polly Flint

The Secret World Of Polly Flint follows a young girl, Polly Flint (Kate Reynolds), who escapes her loneliness by retreating to The Magical World of Another Time, which can only be reached by using your imagination. The show was a co-production between Central Television and Revcom Télévision and ran for six episodes in 1987.

Polly has a leaning towards seeing things, an affinity for dreams and fantasy, and discovers a strange family and even stranger world to console her. In a park near Aunt Em’s (played by Susan Jameson – UFO, New Tricks)there is a lake and a wood, a world that Polly can easily turn into a magic land in her mind. This time imagination becomes ‘reality’.

She becomes involved with the time gypsies, and her own misery is forgotten as she endeavors to help them back to their own time. This is a superb story, highly praised by all the children who have tried it.

Author Helen Creswell has created a world where there reader can worry, fuss and plot with Polly and this comes across well in the tv show. It is not an intangible, fairy world, for Polly’s problems are real, substantial, partly familiar: a cross and ragged granny, a baby with nowhere to sleep, a homeless dog and a mysterious man – Old Mazy (played by Don Henderson – Star Wars: A New Hope, Strangers, Brazil, Bulman, Knights of God, Doctor Who, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Paradise Club, Boon) from whom all children must keep well away.

When the time gypsies are safely home Polly’s father comes home too. Polly is secure again, ‘secure in her dreams’.

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