Grange Hill Memories Convention – Cast Reunion 2016!

Following on from  their first cast reunion in 2014, Grange Hill Events have launched their second event, promising to be even more exciting than the first!

It takes place on Sunday 22nd May 2016 in Fulham, West London.

Where in Fulham you ask?

Well Grange Hill Events have managed to secure Fulham Prep School as a location for the reunion – better known to fans and cast members as Holborn College, the actual on screen school location used from Season 4-7 (1981-85).

The first on screen school clearly located in suburbia, the change of location started the shows focus on inner city issues that connected with its audiences and set the show for its biggest heights.

At Fulham Prep School, viewers met Roland “Roly” Browning, cheeky chappie Zammo Maguire and playground menace Gripper amongst many, many others.

Ask anyone of a certain age and it’s these characters that they remember before all others. During this period, some of the best storylines came up – Grippers racist bullying campaign, Jeremy Irvine’s drowning accident, the French student exchange programme, the first school fire to name a few.

Grange Hill Events have managed to reunite many of these cast members for a must attend event for any Grange Hill Event. Erkan “Roland” Mustafa will lead a location tour around the school and the local area, reminiscing about his time on the show and what it is like to be back, 35 years since he first filmed on site.

Professional photo shoots courtesy of Robin Prichard will be available, with opportunities to recreate many iconic moments with the cast.

The rest of the day will consist of stage interviews with the cast of the show, followed by further photo and autograph opportunities.

Full details of the cast joining us are;

Erkan Mustafa – played Roland Browning between 1982-87; 74 episodes

Alison Bettles – played Fay Lucas between 1982-87; 89 episodes

Gwyneth Powell – played Mrs McCluskey between 1980-91; 169 episodes

Robert Craig Morgan – played Justin Bennett, between 1978-82; 39 episodes

Lisa East – played Christine Everson between 1982-84; 18 episodes

Nicholas Donnelly – played Mr Mackenzie between 1985-93; 97 episodes

Lisa York – played Julie Marchant between 1983-87; 73 episodes.

Vincent Matthews – played Jeremy Irvine between 1983-84; 7 episodes

Joanne Boakes – played Anita Unsworth between 1980-84; 27 episodes

Ian Congden Lee – played Ted Fisk between 1988-92; 66 episodes.

Plus more guests to be announced.

Artist and Title Sequence Designer Bob Cosford will also be joining us, selling copies of his famous Grange Hill title sequence artwork.

For full details, visit the website and click on “2016 event” or give them a FOLLOW on Twitter.

Contact Scott Frankton for more details on 07846660697, email or find us on twitter @grangehillevent

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