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Ultraman X – The Movie is coming!

SciFiJapan broke the news first to the world. It was about Ultraman X… an Ultra-happening!

Like those who came before him, Ultraman X will finally make the leap onto the big screen. With main TV director Kiyotaka Taguchi (Geharha: The Dark & Long Hair Monster, Neo Ultra Q) at the helm ULtraman X is about to break on through to the cinema screen!

The main cast from the TV show are all present, Cyber Gomora will be dropping in as well as Ultraman veterans Takami Yoshimoto (Ultraman Tiga) and Michael Tomioka (Ultraman Dyna) .

Will other Ultramen turn up? It’s an Ultraman movie! Of course they will! Look out for the likes of Ultraman, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Max, Ultraman Victory, Ultraman GingaUltraman NexusUltraman and Ultraman Tiga all combine to take on the finest Kaiju evil has to offer.

Ultraman X – The Movie is released on March 12th 2016.

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