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Cult Video Games Essentials: Action Force II – International Heroes

Action Force II: International Heroes is a video game released by Virgin Games in 1988 for the ZX Spectrum home computer. It is the sequel to Action Force.

Cobra has taken a number of innocent citizens hostage and it’s up to Action Force to rescue them. They are being held in separate groups atop various urban buildings. Each block must be scaled by Quick Kick while Airtight covers him from the helicopter.

As with Action Force, the player must shepherd a character across a dangerous environment, however the game is otherwise completely different.

The player controls the crosshairs of Airtight’s weapon, and must shoot enemies that appear before they injure Quick Kick as he ascends the side of the building. Quick Kick also loses energy as the level progresses; it can be replenished by shooting the U.S. flags on the walls of some screens. When Quick Kick reaches the roof the hostages are released and make their way to the rescue helicopter.

At the end of each level Airtight may switch weapons; he can choose between a machine-gun, bazooka or bio-gun, each of which has different advantages and drawbacks.

Every two levels the player must defeat a tank by shooting it a certain number of times within a time-limit.


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